Career Canada Immigration – Federal Skilled Worker Program

Through the Federal Skilled Worker Program, skilled workers having international experience can migrate to Canada based on permanent residency. It is a type of system designed for skilled workers as a part of the Federal Express Entry System. The applicants must fulfill the minimum requirements of eligibility.

Once you meet these requirements, the assessment of your application is done based on several selection factors, including age, the experience of work, education, skills of language, adaptability, and valid offer for the job. There is a 100-points grid system used for accessing Federal Skilled Worker’s program eligibility, and these factors form a component of that system. For FSWP eligibility, the applicants are required to have a score of 67 points.

Funds Requirement Table

Family Members Required Funds(in Canadian dollars)
1 12669
2 15772
3 19390
4 23542
5 26701
6 30114
7 33528

Important Note: You are not allowed to show the money that you borrowed from someone else. You should have money to easily afford the living costs of your family in Canada (even if they are not coming to Canada with you). You can also count the money in the joint account with your spouse, who is coming with you to Canada. However, you have to prove that you can access that money.

 Federal Skilled Workers

Factors of Selection Required Points
Educational level 25 points max
Proficiency level of language 28 points max
Age 12 points max
Experience of work 15 points max
Arranged employment 10 points max
Adaptability 10 points max

If your score is less than 67 points, you can improve it through the following:

  • Improving your skills of language
  • Enhancing your education level by taking another diploma, certification or degree
  • Getting an arranged employment offer from a company in Canada
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