Labor Market Impact Assessment FAQs



How do I get a labor market impact assessment?

An employer in Canada may need to get a Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) before hiring temporary foreign workers. The LMIA will show that there is an available job and no Canadian citizen or permanent resident can fill it.


How much Does LMIA Cost?

A processing fee of CDN $1,000 applies to each Labour Market Impact Assessment application


How long does LMIA takes to process?

LMIA processing time can be unpredictable, ranging from a couple of weeks to few months. Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) has pledged that they will process certain LMIA applications in 10 business days.


What are the requirements of LMIA?

A positive LMIA will be issued by Service Canada if an assessment indicates that hiring a temporary foreign worker (TFW) in your company, or any TFW for that matter, is going to have a positive impact on the Canadian labor market. As long as you apply and receive one of these statuses before employing someone from abroad, they should pose no problems whatsoever!

Want to learn more about LMIA?

In our resource page we have shared all the details

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