5 Best Provinces To Live in Canada




Ontario is on top priority for a majority of Canada PR applicants. Around 50% of the total number of immigrants that moved to Canada in 2021 chose to live in Ontario.

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British Columbia

British Columbia is situated on the west coast of Canada and offers a mild climate to live in with manageable snowfall during winters 

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Quebec is the third best province to live in Canada because it is culturally rich, provides career opportunities, and is comparatively cheaper to live in than Ontario and British Columbia 

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When considering Prairie regions, Alberta is the best province to live in Canada for international students and families alike. 

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Nova Scotia

With low property prices and a tranquil environment, this east-coast province is ideal for many immigrants. Nova Scotia is green and clean, has a low crime rate, and is peaceful to relocate. 

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Can't decide Which Province to Move to?

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